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Create Your Own Poster for The Sims 3

To create your own poster, you need three programs:  S3oc Cloner, TextureTweaker3 (TTT) and a picture editing program that can handle .DDS files.  A tutorial is also handy ;)

I've made a step by step, pictorial tutorial on how to create a (portrait orientation) poster. It's in pdf format and in two parts.

  • The first part deals with how to clone your poster from an existing one using S3oc.
  • The second part shows you how to put your own image on the cloned poster using TTT and Gimp.

The pdf files are hosted on which allows you to preview the pdf before downloading.

This is one of my favourite of my home-made posters, thanks to FurryJackal, who kindly gave me permission to use some of her artwork.

  • I use an older version of S3oc but I believe all the screens are similar.  
  • I use version 2.6.8 of Gimp (a free program) and a downloaded DDS plugin.  
  • I hope that works for everyone; unfortunately, I'm currently unable to access Mediafire.
  • I plan to do a further tutorial on how to create a framed painting with multiple images, in both landscape and portrait format. This should follow in the next two days or so.
  • Any feedback is welcomed - especially if the instructions are unclear - however, unfortunately, I'm no expert on using S3oc, TTT or Gimp so am only able to tell you what I did that worked for me.

Sims3, Al Lien

Alien Invasion

My favourite part of TS2 was always the aliens, loved how pollination created quirky, unique sims and loved their minty green skins. So, when PixelCurious started to play TS3 and immediately created a more minty green skin tone then I was thrilled and inspired to create a few more aliens, aliens that I prattled on about in a previous post.

Hence this post. It serves two purposes. One, to share a little alieness with you, if you would like some and two, to provide a backup of alien sims for me, in case my laptop finally gives up the ghost.

Under the cut are the above six aliens in .sim format and, because I was curious, some more examples of their offspring, most of which are also available in .sim format.  Note: I’ve also used PixelCurious’ Sprocket girls as parents, a wise decision I feel as Pixel’s girls make gorgeous babies!

Unfortunately, no story and no in-game pictures but, if you’re curious or would like to add a little alien variety, please read on:

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Sims3, Al Lien

Self-Indulgent Prattling and Aliens

Apollo Jeez and I would like to apologise for yet another post where I’m playing around with the sliders and creating aliens.  I’m posting though because I enjoyed myself and I wanted to remember where three hours today went.  I also wanted to include some links to cc before I forget where I found it.

Anyway, only follow the cut if you like looking at aliens. 

EDITED: Now with facial hair experiment.

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