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Rambling about Gnomes

My first gnome death :(

Alas, poor Gnoric.

Along with my first death, I've also experienced my first manifestation of a magician gnome.

I think that Oscar, the cat, is a little suspicious of him too.  We're not sure that we like how he's looking at poor orphan gnome-child, Gnobeard.

Gnobeard was cute as a toddler, he even had a dummy to suck (pacifiier).  I have no idea where he came from.  There didn't seem to be any other gnomes around, bar the dogs and Gnoric at the time of his first appearance.  And as a toddler, Gnoric was already old and using a walking stick.  I really must start paying more attention to them.

Sadly, though, I believe that there are no puppy or kitten gnomes.

And, at, what I fondly believe to be a memorial service for Gnoric, he (magician gnome, that is) just looks too woebegone, if you know what I mean.  Gnoric died before he even appeared on the scene.

I'm keeping a close eye on him. Any more oddities and he's sold!

The Ghost gnomes were a prize from Supernatural's claw machine.  They seem to have different personalites or, at least, different expressions.

The blue one seems to always look a little worried.  Whereas, that pinky one, (no picture of its face, sorry) seems grumpy.  I can't remember just what face white ghost gnome has.  It seems to have disappeared.  Or changed colour to pink?

(As one often sees randomly in a legacy post) I just liked this picture.

I'm hoping that, now that Oscar has been adopted, that the family get a cat gnome too.  Hopefully, Oscar, as an elder, is not too old to attract one... must go look up exactly how to get one (without BuydeBug.)

Final thoughts:  wonder if Gnoric's pose will change on his memorial statue?  I missed his death, wonder if Grimmy appeared for him?  Guess, I'll have to keep playing and pay more attention to find out.
Tags: gnomes, sims 3, ts3
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