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You've Got To Kiss A Lot Of Toads...

...Before you find your handsome prince. Disheartedly, I can't think of a comparable saying to hearten those who've had their hearts broken by heartless females.  But will not be downhearted as the point of this post is to prevent a broken heart.
Anyways, the real purpose of this post is to collect together links for the Founders that I've shared on Pixel Trade. and three who've been shared on Carl and Pam's The Sims 3 Forum. This is to help me retrieve them the next time my game malfunctions and I lose stuff - I was exaggerating when I said that their loss would lead to a broken heart. By the way, the toad in grey was broken-hearted as the leather-clad toad refused his advances. Aww.

These sims contain no custom content... and also no consistency in how they are presented :)

TS3 Sims

Pace Maker.sim

Jeri Atrik.sim

Lauren Order - Sims 3 Pack    /   .sim

Percy Kewt  .sim

Reece Pudden - Sims 3 Pack

Ryce Podding - Sims 3 Pack

Polly Gammous - Sims 3 Pack     /   .sim

Will Smirk - Sims 3 Pack     /     .sim

Maisie Katt - Sims 3 Pack

Rico Kitz - Sims 3 Pack

These two aspired to become the chosen founder of the Viking Challenge.

Viola King - Sims 3 Pack     /     .sim

Lugas F Jorder - Sims 3 Pack     /     .sim

These three are shared on Carl & Pam's Sims 3 Forum - along with patterns, walls and houses.

Pru Dent - link to other pictures and download.

Drey Kular - link to other pictures and download.

Frank Enstine - link to other pictures and download.

TS2 Sims

Ned Dee - Sims 2 Pack

Freyan Easy - Sims 2 Pack

Don Erkibab - Sims 2 Pack

Donna Kebab - Sims 2 Pack
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