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Trick or Treating on Pixel Trade?

I recently spotted some amazing looking TS2 Supernatural/Witch-like women and, with the advent of Supernatural shortly for TS3, I was wondering about making a suggestion for Sim creation on Pixel Trade.

I'm hoping that the suggestion might cheer Frank up.

The suggestion is that, starting from some date or other, and ending on Halloween or All Hallows Day, that we go 'trick or treating' - ie 'dress up' our sims as witches, vampires, werewolves or whatever and 'trick or treat' by sharing them on Pixel Trade.

If we start early, we could collect other peoples's sims and, if we had TS2, could townify them to make a Halloween neighbourhood.    We could also try something similar in TS3.

Though in TS3, I quite fancy hosting a 'party', possibly a week or more long, run along the lines of an Asylum challenge and just see what a group of uncontrollable sims get up to.

Pixel Trade has been seeming really quiet and this is about the only idea I can come up with for hopefully livening it up a little.

Any feedback or suggestions of how to word this and if I should suggest it over there would be welcome.

Oh, the TS2 fabulous ladies are here:

I think that Frank would quite like it if there were some other 'monsters' around.

I'm sorry that this isn't worded very well. I probably should've thought it through a bit more.

Feedback would be welcomed, thanks.
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