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Situations Wanted - ex Crew of the SS Ipdip

Meeny was rather startled to discover that he, and the rest of the crew, had been fired, following a series of malfunctions and unexplained breakdowns on the spaceship, the SS Ipdip.  They are now looking for new employment.

Behind the cut are links to download Eeny, Meeny, Miny and Mo, plus Kacha and Weazel.  Also lurking is Al Lien.

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Sims3, Al Lien

You've Got To Kiss A Lot Of Toads...

...Before you find your handsome prince. Disheartedly, I can't think of a comparable saying to hearten those who've had their hearts broken by heartless females.  But will not be downhearted as the point of this post is to prevent a broken heart.
Anyways, the real purpose of this post is to collect together links for the Founders that I've shared on Pixel Trade. and three who've been shared on Carl and Pam's The Sims 3 Forum. This is to help me retrieve them the next time my game malfunctions and I lose stuff - I was exaggerating when I said that their loss would lead to a broken heart. By the way, the toad in grey was broken-hearted as the leather-clad toad refused his advances. Aww.
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Brushes Off The Cobwebs...

... wipes up the dust and thinks that should possibly be doing so in the house too. Long time, no posts, sorry. Partly because I've been tumbling.

Kind of sad that the Halloween sim thing failed to get off the ground. Sadly, ill health and lack of inspiration thwarted it but, never say never, inspiration may strike between now and this coming Halloween.

I'm going to double post in just a moment. Decided to go fetch the sims that I shared on Pixel Trade and link them in my journal. During one of the many blips with my TS3 game I've managed to mislay most of them. I'd like to have them all together for easy reference.

Anyways, ramble over.  Hope all of you are well and happy.  Take care x.


I really enjoy playing Spore.  My laptop is not so keen, especially after I installed Galactic Adventures. Had to give up playing because of crashes. Then, a couple of months ago, I accidentally hit the original Spore icon on my Quick Launch bar (yep, not so good on the housekeeping on the laptop, lol) and the game loaded and played without crashes. No Galactic Adventures, just the original game. No worries about that though, I like the original game, especially the Creature stage and the Creature Creator, it's a great stress reliever.

Just recently pixelcurious expressed her interest in the game and shared some of the creatures that she'd created using the Creature Creator Trial. Well, it's a case of 'monkey see, monkey do', so want to see some of mine? There's only six compilation pictures behind the cut and, hopefully, the minimum of blabbering.

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Oops, think I said that there wouldn't be much babbling, actually that's not strictly true, there is.
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The Final Front Ear

Actually, more of a pain in the left ear.  Sinus problems. :(  Can't settle to anything but whilst browsing found the above so have to add my favourite tune.


Aah. Wishing you all a happy weekend.
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Keeping Up With The Joneses – Part One – A Balancing Act


I’ve had a down sort of day, it’s been ‘enting’ down with rain and I haven’t been in the right frame of mind to settle down and do any of the many things that I want to.  Things like finishing off the custom paintings tutorial, posting screenshots from some of the many TS3 games I have on the go or washing the kitchen floor.  I also didn’t feel like playing any of these saved games of mine, I wanted to do something, but what?  Then I remembered a post of Madame Ugly’s, in which she listed things that she’d like to try out if/when she got The Sims 3, and how much I liked her idea of a Keeping Up With The Joneses Challenge.

I did sort of ask permission and am ignoring the fact that I haven’t yet received it.  Sorry. 

Under the cut is the beginnings of an attempt to play: no real story, just commentary, rambling commentary I expect, I’m not sure though, at this stage I haven’t written it yet.  So, if you have a few minutes and would like to see how it’s gone so far then please click on the more.

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